How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?

You may want to improve the look of your existing roof or you may have extensive leaking or repairs that aren’t worth fixing. Main signs or ware and damage include ceiling spots, algae growth, blistering, curling, buckling, missing granules damaged flashing, or rotting these may be signs.

Even if your roof shows signs of these symptoms mentioned above, you may not need a roof replacement. Call us for a Free Roof Inspection and if needed, a Free Estimate.

Can I DIY my new metal roof?

No. Although you may be able to perform some maintenance work on your roof your must have the necessary license and safety equipment to perform a roof replacement.

Do you have insurance and the necessary license to perform metal roof replacements?

Yes. Cameron and all of his team are both licensed and insured for the works that they perform.

How much does a metal roof replacement cost?

The cost to replace your roof can vary on a range factors. These include the pitch of your roof, access, size of your roof, material selection, condition or your roof structure and the type of roof being removed.

We provide free, no obligation quotes. This is the best way to get an accurate price on the roof replacement for your individual needs.

Are there different styles of Colorbond roofing?

Yes. Colorbond comes in a wide range of profiles. We can help you with product selection as one profile may suit your home design better than another.

How many Colorbond colours are there?

There are currently 22 colours to choose from with both a traditional and contemporary colour being available.

How does Colorbond compare to a tile roof?

There are many benefits to Colorbond. It does not break like a tile roof can, it can however dent in a severe hailstorm or form large branches. If you are replacing a roof on an older home, Colorbond may be a better choice because it is lighter and the sheets of Colorbond tie the roof components together, making them stronger. It is also a lot lighter than a tile roof which can also help the structure of an older home.

Does it cost money to get an inspection?

No. We provide free onsite inspections and quotes that are completely obligation free.

What happens after I receive my quotation?

After you have received your quote and wish to go ahead with your roof replacement, we will book in a time that is convenient for you to begin the work. We have an extremely reliable, experience and professional team and complete all works in a timely manner.

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